Open my heart and you will see graved 
inside of it, “Italy.”

- Robert Browning


My name is
I’m a native Italian, born and raised in a little village along the Lake Garda in northern Italy.

My passion for languages brought me first to a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and then another in Italian Language and Culture. I carried on my studies with a Master degree in Translation and another in Teaching Italian as a L2/LS. I am a certified teacher of Italian as a second language (DITALS) furthermore I am a licenced Telc tester and examiner. I keep myself updated by attending workshops both in-person and online regularly.

I’ve been working both as a translator and as an Italian teacher in-person for more than 15 years in different language schools and companies in Italy, Austria and Germany. I’ve worked primarily with adult learners. It was time for me to start a new project on my own and that’s why I have created Italiano dove vuoi.

I always dreamed of travelling around the world teaching Italian, but once I got to Berlin (Germany) I decided to make it my home-base! Now, thanks to Italiano dove vuoi I can fullfill my dream and teach Italian anywhere!

I love travelling and trying different cuisines that allows you to dive into different cultures, nurturing and caring my cactus and succulent plants, music (still trying to master the flute), Ashtanga yoga, and much more.

My mission is

Guide you through a meaningful and effective learning experience.

Deliver an easy and engaging customised lesson, based on topics that matter to you.

Inspire and motivate you to keep on improving your Italian and open yourself to a new culture.

Provide you with helpful tips and a constructive feedback.

Wanna know more?

keep on learning!

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Italiano dove vuoi - Enjoy your learning experience

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