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Learning Italian can be especially rewarding if you are planning to visit Italy for school, business, or pleasure. Italians are known for being friendly and warm so no matter how proficient your Italian is, with just a few words you’ll win their hearts!
However, this doesn’t mean you should not aim for more. An Italian learning experience allows you to gain a deeper insight into the rich Italian cultural heritage. Such as arts and music, food and wine, as well the magical landscapes found in Italy.

There are lots of good reasons to learn Italian

What’s yours? I’d love to hear about it!

Learning never exhausts the mind.

- Leonardo da Vinci

Learn Italian live online because it’s:


Start and finish whenever you want, learn at your own pace, wherever you are.


Learn in a relaxed and personal atmosphere.


Be an active participant in your language experience and use what you learn right away


My name is


I’m a native Italian, born and raised in a little village along the Lake Garda in northern Italy. I’ve been working both as a translator and as an Italian teacher in-person for more than 15 years in different language schools and companies in Italy, Austria and Germany. I’ve worked primarily with adult learners.

Now, thanks to Italiano dove vuoi

I can fullfill my dream and teach Italian anywhere

keep on learning!

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